Basic Four Color Process Printing
(Four-Color Process or Full Color plus a spot color) Printing from a series of *halftone plates (each of a single color) layered over each other to produce the full spectrum of colors. The four transparent ink colors used are Black, Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta. Almost every color can be printed by combining these four colors. This process is best limited to light colored shirts such as white and natural because the color of the shirt shifts the color pallette of the transparent inks. The best shirts to print 4 color process designs on are ringspun cotton (such as the Hanes Beefy) or combed cotton ( Jerzees ZT). The separations are sophisticated and while our in-house

separations yield good results with most art, high level art will most likely require using an outside separator. (We reccomend an award winning source for matching "memory colors" such as apples, skin tones, etc.) Do not look to Four Color Process printing as a cost saving method to yield more colors on a shirt with lfewer colors because the separation costs can be substantially more costly.
Art should be supplied 200 dpi at 100% CMYK format supplied on Zip disks (most files are too large for email transfer)